Cynogage makes publishers more money by increasing yield through ad mediation.



Cynogage's Ad Mediation system provides top performing results for our publishers and reduces wasted ad calls to mismatched buyers. Our proprietary system looks at dozens of indicators on each ad request before determining which demand partners have the highest likelihood to fill the impression.

We use historical data on fill rates, pricing, location, and performance to bring together the best match of demand and supply. Our Ad Mediation system processes these requests in milliseconds and covers over one billion auctions per day.



Whether you are looking for performance or branding, we segment and curate our broad publisher network to build a personalized campaign that delivers the best traffic to reach your goals. CONTACT US



We understand publisher needs, goals and, yes, even the obstacles, you often encounter in the ad space. That’s why we assist you in earning more revenue by increasing fill rates and yield. But, we don’t stop there… To keep our promise of bringing you the best technology possible, we now offer a professionally sourced syndicated content player. Our player gives your site a proven way to achieve more display views, longer site visits, and a higher Google ranking. CONTACT US



Our unique Cynosure Score Technology ranks each supply partner and user with a Cynosure Score. Then we apply the score to each traffic source to determine its worthiness. This custom-built monitoring system allows us to efficiently manage results based on proven behavior for campaigns that only get better with time. CONTACT US



We protect your online reputation by blocking sites that don’t align with your brand. Our state-of-the-art technology guarantees to only show ads that will speak highly of your content and resonate with users. CONTACT US



We don’t take fraud lightly. Our team stays ahead of the bad actors by working with industry-leading fraud detection services around the clock. Our Cynosure Score Technology measures user activity with our proprietary algorithms so you can have peace of mind and excellent audience penetration. CONTACT US



The value of engagement has progressed well beyond the traditional click. We analyze how your ad was viewed and engaged with to ensure we’re targeting the best viewers possible. In addition, our curated video player achieves longer site visits with relevant and trending high-revenue content. CONTACT US



Content players are becoming the new norm for programmatic advertising. Our syndicated player provides professionally sourced content for highly engaged audiences. Providers from networks like Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, ABC News, and more, offer videos well-suited to your branded content standards. CONTACT US

With a continuous stream of trending content, publishers experience:

  • Incremental revenue
  • A higher Google ranking
  • More display views
  • Engaged users
  • Increased traffic




Brian's experience with video started 13 years ago when he founded Onsite Videos, a video ad production and serving company specializing in the "talking head" overlay format, which was acquired by Rovion, then acquired by Gannett, where Brian was CTO of PointRoll. Brian has an MBA from Babson, a BBA from the University of Georgia, and is a self-taught full-stack developer.



Eric is passionate about all things programmatic. After serving as Director of Ad Operations at Yashi, which was sold to NextStar Broadcasting, Eric founded Cynogage to find new ways to help publishers increase revenues while helping advertisers find safe environments for their brands. Eric has an MBA from Regis University and a BA in Psychology from Rutgers.


Ken Siegel, VP strategic partnerships

Ken brings extensive experience and a genuine excitement for adtech to every interaction. Prior adventures include Google, AOL, Mocean Mobile, Medialets, Velti, Adomik, and Viral Gains. Ken has an MAS from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a BA in Communications from Ramapo College.