Our unique Cynosure Score Technology is one of the best in the industry. We rank each supply partner and user of your campaign with a Cynosure Score. Then we apply the score to each traffic source to determine its worthiness of your advertising dollar. This custom-built monitoring system allows us to efficiently manage results based on proven behavior for campaigns that only get better with time.


We protect your online reputation by blocking sites that don’t align with your brand. Our state-of-the-art technology only guarantees offers that will speak highly of your content and resonate with users.  


We don’t take fraud lightly. Our team stays ahead of the bad actors by working with industry-leading fraud detection services around the clock. Our Cynosure Score Technology measures daily user activity with our very own proprietary algorithms so you can have peace of mind and excellent audience penetration.


The value of engagement has progressed well beyond the traditional click. We analyze how your ad was viewed and engaged with to ensure we’re targeting the best viewers possible. In addition, our curated video player achieves longer site visits with relevant and trending high-revenue content.


Publishers earn additional revenue without losing money from their current banner ads by adding Cynogage’s video ad units. Our platform provides a non-intrusive option to earn more money without compromising the user experience. Video ad units can be placed within the site’s content, on the side rail of the site or even used as an overlay in the corner of the site. Once the video ad has completed, or if no ad is available at the time, the publisher’s site will display as it usually would.


This Java Script ad will be displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the user’s screen. The size of the ad can be adjusted to whatever best suits your site. To maximize earning potential, we recommend a 400x350 or 700x400 as those ads pay higher CPMs. Once the ad has completed, or if no ad is available at the time, the ad will no longer display.
View the Demo – overlay video ad



This Java Script ad is typically placed in the middle of an article or at the top of the right hand rail where the 300x250 box ad might go. The size of the ad can be adjusted to whatever suits the site best. We recommend a 400x350 or 700x400 as those ads pay higher CPMs.
View the Demo – top right rail video ad
View the Demo – middle of an article video ad

These options provide additional revenue to the publisher without taking away from their other revenue sources. This is a huge benefit as our publishers don’t lose their website visitors AND visitors will have a more enjoyable User Experience..


Cynogage offers tailor made solutions for both Advertisers and Publishers.


   At Cynogage, we stay ahead of the curve and video advertising is proving to be the most impactful platform. Whether you are looking for performance or branding, we have the solution. Through our broad publisher network we’re able to build a personalized campaign that will enable us to find the best traffic for your business to help you reach your goals.


    We understand your needs, goals and, yes, even the obstacles, you often encounter in the ad space. That’s why we’ve built a yield optimizer to assist you in earning more revenue by increasing fill rates and yield. But, we don’t stop there… To keep our promise of bringing you the best technology possible, we now offer a professionally sourced syndicated content player. Our player gives your site a proven way to achieve more display views, longer site visits, and a higher Google ranking. If you’re an Advertiser or Publisher and are ready to get started, click here


Cynogage is a privately-owned Ad tech company, free of structural limitations and able to effectively identify and integrate emerging technologies, to better serve our clients. Our product solution is a result of over 40 years of collective experience in the adtech industry. We provide measurable value for our clients by leveraging our DIRECT relationships with over 500 top publishers.



    Mobile devices are become the main platform for content consumption and the most efficient way to reach people. Cynogage has the ability to target those audiences through a supply of ads that covers both mobile web sites and top apps. If you have mobile web or in-app traffic, apply to become a publisher Click here

CYNO Score

   Everyone wants to one easy-to-use platform, that’s why our system allows you to easily monitor and optimize your campaign. You can see impressions, CTR, ROI, etc. and most importantly – Cynosure Score, in one place. If you’re an agency looking for a single, reliable inventory source, our campaign results will speak for themselves. Contact us and tell us how we can help!


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